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Exclusive interview with Rachael Legg – CPO / Transformational Director

In recognition of International Women’s day, Rachael Legg was good enough to share her inspiring career story in an exclusive interview for Excipion. Rachael Legg managed to defy the belief that...

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Travel the world and keep your job

Travel the World and Keep Your Job

With the prevalence of email and video calls, the 9-5 office job is frequently worked outside of these hours and indeed outside of the office. A new programme, Remote Year,...

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Gender balance in the workplace

How a More Gender-Balanced Tech Industry Might Look

BBC News reporter Zoe Kleinman asked a group of women working within STEM fields how the world might be different if more women worked in these typically male industries. A...

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Excipion guilty pleasures playlist

Excipion playlist: Guilty Pleasures

  It’s our second Excipion playlist, this time we’re giving you our Guilty Pleasures! With our Friday Night Anthems, we kept the team to just two songs each…but this time,...

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Big data

Big Data Has Reciprocal Relationship with Pokemon Go

Few of us will have been able to avoid the AR gaming behemoth that is Pokémon Go, becoming the most downloaded game ever within its first week, surpassing download figures...

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Women in Technology

Women are gradually gaining representation in a bigger variety of industries and at more senior levels; case in point: the British Prime Minister is a woman. This does not seem...

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9000km cable

9,000km internet cable laid under Pacific Ocean

Google, alongside 5 other companies, have laid a 9,000km cable under the Pacific Ocean from the USA to Japan, and have now activated it. Working in partnership, Google, China Telecom...

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i heart excipion

I heart Excipion

Company culture is more important than ever; if you want to get the best out of your staff you need to invest in them and show them that they are...

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the perfect cover letter

How to Perfect your Cover Letter

Cover letters are often the first thing a recruiter will see, use this as your opportunity to set yourself apart from the rest. It’s vital that your cover letter creates...

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#Social media and recruiting – does it work?

Social media – it’s clear that it’s taken the world by storm. Chances are if you have been trying to recruit you have at least considered using social media to...

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Find your recruitment consultant

How to pick and stick with the best recruiter for you – Candidates!

The Digital Industry is growing 32% faster than the wider economy. Accounting for 1.56m jobs nationwide, the workforce is growing three times faster than the wider UK job market. This...

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Selecting the right recruiter

Looking for a Digital Recruiter – What to Look Out For?

The Digital Industry in the UK is innovative, competitive, fast-paced and most definitely fast-growing. It goes without saying that an increased demand for experienced Digital professionals is being met by...

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