How to Perfect your Cover Letter

  • 13th October 2014

Cover letters are often the first thing a recruiter will see, use this as your opportunity to set yourself apart from the rest.

It’s vital that your cover letter creates an impression of you that makes the reader want to continue to read on. Not sure where to start? Here are our top tips to help you write a stand-out cover letter:

Tailor it!
Every role you apply for needs to have its own carefully tailored cover letter. It needs to be relevant to the role you are applying for and show how your skills and passion make you perfect for the job.

Personal touches
Find out and name the recipient you need to address your cover letter to, personal touches will help you get noticed.

Do your research
Carrying out research will give you the knowledge you need to tailor your cover letter and CV to the company. Knowing what the company does, who their competitors are and where they are in the market shows you have a real interest in the role and the company itself.

Spelling and grammar!
As with your CV, check your spelling and grammar, and then check again! The smallest mistake could make the difference to whether you secure that interview.

Type up your cover letter in an easy-to-read and professional font. The cleaner the layout the easier it is to read.

Don’t just repeat your CV
Your CV and cover letter will be received at the same time. Don’t just write your CV in paragraph form; use the cover letter to show your personality and passion.

Keep it brief
One side of A4 should be sufficient. Your cover letter doesn’t need to tell your life story, so stick to your skills, experience and what you can uniquely bring to the company.

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