How to pick and stick with the best recruiter for you – Candidates!

  • 29th September 2014

The Digital Industry is growing 32% faster than the wider economy.

Accounting for 1.56m jobs nationwide, the workforce is growing three times faster than the wider UK job market. This has lead to an increase in recruitment agencies offering services and placements in the Digital Industry.

Both the big players and boutique recruitment agencies alike are expanding their services to include digital. If you are looking for a change of a career, you are in a great position as there are many agencies ready to help you. It’s hard to find your way through the forest of job boards and agencies competing for your attention.

So to help you pick the right agency, here are our top tips on how to pick and work with the industry’s best!

Firstly, look at their website… Does it look professional, what are they about and what are their core values? How many roles are they advertising? How many of these roles are relevant to you? If there are multiple opportunities on offer which are relevant to you, then the chances are they are worth speaking to.

Here are some of the most important things you should consider when speaking with recruiters:

  • Do they demonstrate the ability to listen?
  • Do they understand what you do?
  • Do they understand your needs and wants?
  • Do they understand the market and are they able to provide you with valid advice?
  • Do they keep their promises?
  • Do they call back when they say they will?
  • Are they willing to build a strong relationship with you and work with you throughout the process?

Once you’ve found a good recruiter keep them, by building a long lasting working relationship. Give them as much information about your experience and preferences as possible, be honest, keep your promises and let them know when they’re doing a good job!


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