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  • 16th March 2016

Company culture is more important than ever; if you want to get the best out of your staff you need to invest in them and show them that they are truly valued. This is especially true within the world of recruitment where we see a direct correlation between culture and environment with success, and that success being rewarded in other ways than just commission.

At Excipion, after a little bit of trial and (sometimes) error, we believe we have established a great company culture. The first thing we have learned along the way is that for a company to succeed, you need to get the right people, with the right attitudes and behaviours and then keep hold of them, forever! Don’t worry, we don’t hold our staff hostage, our winning culture makes Excipion a place where everyone really loves coming to work. Establishing our amazing culture didn’t happen overnight, we spent a lot of time listening and talking to our staff and involving them in the company vision.

We have been interviewing consultants this month to find out just what it is that makes them love working for Excipion;

The Excipion vision – Excipion has a very strong vision, which has been formed and is led by our consultants themselves. We rely on each other, as a team, to uphold it, and like all growing businesses we are continually evolving. We are thirsty for more – more consultants, more energy and more nights out (of course).

Individuality – we have a number of personalities within Excipion and we actively encourage people to be themselves and bring their individuality to the role. The numerous personalities within the team means there is never a dull day in the office.

Social events – team nights out and post-work drinks are a big part of our culture, they help create the culture we all want to work in. We work hard and play hard and enjoy relaying the embarrassing stories on a Monday morning. “Annual conferences, Goodwood events and other award ceremonies enable us to stay ambitious and motivated, as we feel that our effort and success has been acknowledged and rewarded” says Kirsty Jones.

Team spirit – there is a friendly, relaxed and accommodating atmosphere here at Excipion, with everyone encouraging one another to excel. Rebecca Twinam explains why she loves the team, “Within Excipion we have a dynamic and youthful team who make coming into work like working with your family”.

Atmosphere – we work in sales which means we know how to make a bit of noise. The office is energetic and vibrant, with a constant buzz across the floor.

Leadership / management – with such amazing leadership it is hard not to succeed at Excipion. All of the Managers are supportive, approachable and caring, Ben Vokes explains he appreciates “the flexibility that is available if there is ever a time you may need it”.

If you are thinking about a career in recruitment and would like to join our growing winning team, contact careers@excipion.com to find about the roles we have available.

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