Top tips for Interviews – A recruiter’s perspective

  • 11th August 2014

Got a job interview coming up? Want to make sure you impress? Our Director Clive Hutchings shares his top tips on making the right first impression…

Match yourself to the company
Match the company you will be entering – I visited a games software provider recently and had I turned up in a formal suit I wouldn’t have fitted in. The interviewer will not only be testing your skills but also your fit into their work culture. Present yourself in the best way possible to fit in with their environment. To help you here, it’s important you….

Do your research
You will impress if you can show you are interested in the company. One way is to talk about the company’s latest or upcoming products. Spend time talking to your consultant about the role, they will know the client and their needs, get their advice on how best to approach the interview.

Arrive on time
After preparation, punctuality should never be underestimated. In many cases, candidates who arrive late can find themselves top on the list of rejections. We all know in some cases lateness can’t be helped. If you find yourself in this situation ring up the interviewer as soon as you know you will be late, giving them a heads up is a lot better than leaving the interviewer waiting for you. Do try and plan your route before the big day to minimise any unwanted delays.

Similarly, don’t arrive too early. Anything more than 10 minutes early can make the interviewer(s) feel rushed, which doesn’t put them in a good mood for your interview. If you do arrive more than 10 minutes early, find somewhere nearby to have a sit-down, maybe a coffee, and use the time to either calm yourself or go over the job role or your CV, so you’re more prepared.

This might be easier said than done, as interviews can sometimes be a scary experience, but remember that an interview is simply a meeting between a company who needs a role filling, and a person who can fill a role. You are interviewing them to see if their opportunity is right for you, as much as they are interviewing you to see if you are right for their company.

Ask questions
This is your opportunity to get to know the role and show your interest; have a list of questions prepared that you can ask at the interview to show you are serious about the role and interested in the company. As well as this, asking questions will help you get a clearer view of whether you would like to work for their business.

If you follow these steps, you might find that the interview process is actually an enjoyable experience.


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