Top tips to help get your CV noticed

  • 28th July 2014

With the internet making it even easier for candidates to get CVs in front of recruiters and potential employers, getting your CV noticed can be one of the toughest challenges for any jobseeker. Online CVs and new computer software means employers can be flooded with applicants and are forced to decide in seconds whether they progress you to the next stage. Here are our top tips to help your CV stand out!

Tailor it

It’s no good spending hours perfecting your CV to send out to all employers for different jobs. Each role will require a different set of skills and tailoring your CV to highlight these is essential. Research the company and read through the job spec to make sure you showcase what they are looking for.


A cluttered CV won’t get you noticed. Recruiters’ desks get piled with CVs and they don’t want to be reading through pages and pages having to search for your skills, a clear and carefully presented CV will help make sure you stand out.


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