Travel the World and Keep Your Job

  • 30th November 2016

With the prevalence of email and video calls, the 9-5 office job is frequently worked outside of these hours and indeed outside of the office.

A new programme, Remote Year, has set out to prove that the strictly office-based job is an obsolete view of today’s working world.

Travel the world and keep your job

Hundreds of participants in the scheme have been taken out of their offices and sent around the world, still doing their work remotely.

This notion appeals to quite a number of people, particularly millennials who crave adventurous travel and fulfilling careers. Taking part in this scheme allows businesses to retain these staff, who otherwise may opt to defect to competitors offering more flexibility.

Participants travel to 12 different cities in 12 months, all while convincing their bosses they are as productive outside of the office as they are in.

Platforms like Google Drive, Yammer and internal log systems help bridge the difficulties posed by different time zones.

Travelling the world while working remotely has proven popular with those working in marketing, design, development, accounting and law.

Working remotely has obvious benefits for the employee: no commute, work environment you can tailor to your own tastes (music vs silence, for instance), less stress. Programmes like Remote Year add ‘seeing the world’ to this list.

“I’ve been more proactive because there’s so much I want to do. I’m inspired to get my work done”, said Mr. Miller, a financial analyst who has been working in Serbia, Portugal and Morocco on the scheme, and plans to report back to work in New York in May.

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